A Nice Day

The ClayMatters Spring Sale was yesterday and I had a successful show.  Thanks so much for everyone who came out to visit and those who bought pots.  The weather was sunny and warm .  I have a nice spot in the shade so I didn't even take my canopy.

I've simplified my set up over the last few years.  I have sort of a fancy display that I use for high end, indoor shows.  But the set up above is easy, quick and light.  I use hollow core doors (recycled) on fold up plastic saw horses for my tables.  These are draped and I have home made shelving and racks on top.

This bowl stayed around until the last hour of the show and then was sold.  It was one of my favorites from the last firing.

I blogged about it before in this video about foot treatments.

I have plans to list pots  on my Etsy site over the next few days.  Check back in here for updates.