Bad Blues

Below are images of the plates that I tried some loose glaze brushwork on.  I'm not really happy with them.  The blue it too strong and I'm not sure it's even a good idea.  These first two are the ones that sort of worked.  First off the base slip is thin, which I planned and I like, I think it adds some depth.  I like the drawings and the color on the drawings is fine.  The blue brush work is not too bad since it's over that sgraffito.  The tee-shirt plate has a little amber on the rim too.

I don't like these next ones.  Again that blue is just not what I'm after.  I'm not liking those dots at all.  I do think the drawings are okay.  I actualy like removing the slip around the animals for a big contrast.  That swipe of blue on the goat plate isn't working.

All the cups were a disaster. Here are the two that I can barely stand to show you. These would have been fine had I not put that insane blue on the top.  It's a terrible color and it crawled like mad all the way around.

To end on a good note. I made this sheep yesterday just for fun.  I'll get some white slip on it later today.

Sarah is away until Friday.  It's very lonely here without her.  I'm trying to keep the house tidy and do my dishes.

Oh by the way there were more pots in that kiln but they are for a show and I'm not posting them until later in July.   They all came out great!  So I'm not too bummed about it.  Off now to pack some pots for shipping.  Have a good Monday!!