2 Wood Kilns. Pizza and Chanterelles

Sarah is in Flat Rock this week for a workshop.  That's about an hour away so I drove up last night to see her.  She's staying with our friends  David Voorhees and Molly Sharp.  David is a potter and Molly is a jeweler.  I've known David for a long time and Sarah apprenticed with Molly.

Right after I arrived, David and I headed out to his friend Robert's place. Robert has a small wood kiln that was being unloaded.  It was nice to get to see the pots from the kiln and meet some new folks.

Back at David's, I got to see his new Bourry box wood car kiln.  It is first class! and even has a woodfired pizza oven between the fire box and the chamber.  David had fired up the oven earlier in the day so we all made pizzas for dinner.  They were amazing.

The pics of the chanterelle mushrooms were taken out in Molly and David's yard.  Wow, I'd never seen them before.  They had quite a few growing out there and are going to harvest them for the special occasion of Molly's birthday coming up soon.

Click for larger image.

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Sarah will be home tomorrow. It's been lonely here without her.  I'll be happy to have things back to normal.  It was really great to catch up with Molly and David.  It's been a few years since we've gotten together and we must make a point to do it more often.