Drawing and Thoughts

I shot this video after doing some brush and ink drawings this afternoon.


I get this idea in my head every few weeks that I want to do something different with my imagery.  My thoughts have been that I want the drawings to be energetic, with some anticipation of action, or action taking place.  I've never been good with a brush, but I'd never been good with sgraffito until I started practicing.  So I can learn.

Still, I sit here drinking out of a yunomi that I made with a bird drawn into it and I see that I really like it.  I think, maybe I can 'keep doing what I'm doing' and just add to it, or change it a little.

Most of this comes because of my long day glazing yesterday.  Tomorrow I'll unload the kiln and more than likely I'll be really happy with what I see.  And I'll say,' Okay next time I'll try this' and stick with the sgraffito.

I do think it's important for me to remember that I am not beholden to anyone but myself and if I want to have some fun and do some drawings with the brush I can.  It may lead somewhere or it may just reinforce that what I am doing now is what I need to be doing now.

Okay that's all. Thanks for listening.  I'm going out to get some ice cream!