Glazing Monday

I just finished glazing a load of pots.  It was only about 50 pots but it was a loooong day of putting dots of glaze on leaves and flowers and socks and panties and tee shirts and birds and bunnies and all that other stuff.  Whew.

I have to say I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to carry on with this current deco. scheme.  It's very tedious and time consuming.  And my pots aren't nearly expensive enough.  My cups could easily go up another $10 or $15 for all the time in them.

I really like the deco I am doing now.  I mean it looks good, it's evolving, it sells well too.  I do have a cramp in my right shoulder blade from being hunched over with a brush in my hand though.  I did take lots of breaks today.  Still though it feels rough and I think I need to get my eyes checked soon too.  Ha!!!  Not complaining really, I just want to put it out there that this is more work than I've ever put into glazing pots.  My salt glaze days were a breeze compared to this.

Most all of this load is a wholesale order and I'm looking forward to the check.  (Better not count my chicks before they hatch though).

Okay off to cook supper now.