And the Winner is...

This was tough.  There were many good entries, although none of them will probably be used by the group.   For some reason all 4 of us can't seem to agree on one name that suits us.

So it came down to me to choose from all the entries and this is how I did it.  I went through all the comments and wrote down the ones I liked best.  Some were well thought out, some had just a word I liked and some were just plain silly.  I gave each contributor of those a number.  I then pulled a number from that batch to select the winner.  I hope that's fair enough.

So the winner is Liz Paley!!!  Congratulations Liz.

Here is what Liz wrote,

"With all the mishima, laundry lines, and seams, maybe

Slip Line Potters (ceramics/potteries/whatever)
Fine Line Potters (ceramics/potteries/whatever)

or some other line idiom: draw the line; over the line; between the lines; head of the line; top of the line; cross the line; on the line; spin a line; line in the sand/mud; toe the line; thin line; drop a line; out of the lines; firing/fired line; line of fire; clean line; thin line; but please, not “end of the line.” "
I liked Liz's thoughts on using the word Line and I esp. liked Slip Line and Fine Line and Thin Line.

Thanks everyone for contributing.  It was cool to get so many comments and read what you all wrote.  Maybe we'll do it again soon.