Loads of Great Pots.

I went to the Mint Museum Pottery Invitational show today.  I was officially there as an assistant to my pal Ronan Peterson.  It was an amazing show with 40 of the best potters in the State. (I'd like to be invited soon, hint hint (if anyone is reading this that has any pull)).

I didn't take too many pics but here are a few.

Kyle Carpenter had a huge display of his salt fired work.

Here's a partial shot of Ronan's booth.

And Blaine Avery's turtles

I bought a Shawn Ireland mug, which I am having tea out of right now.

My good friend Amy Sanders was there for the first time this year too.  She's been out of the pottery show circuit  for a while after having her second child but you sure couldn't tell it because she had a booth full of her signature work.  She's certainly back in full force now.

It was great to catch up and chat with most of the potters there that I knew and I also saw several of my friends from Clayworks.

It's been a crazy week and I've more to blog about but it's gonna have to wait b/c Sarah and Karma are ready to go for a walk.