Last week someone asked me if it was relaxing to me to sit and draw on pots.  I immediately said "no, not really".  I didn't feel bad about saying this because it was the truth and I didn't need to say otherwise.   I told her that the most relaxing part for me was making pots on the wheel.  That's really what I'm pretty good at and what I can get into.

The next part of the process, the decorating is still hard for me and I find I put it off until I am in a good frame of mind and ready to commit to the task.  Otherwise I make bad decisions and mistakes.

Saturday I had a whole kiln full of pots to decorate but I only got a 6 or 8 pots finished.  I didn't feel well, it was scorching hot, and I found myself feeling resentful about all those little leaves and flowers that were going on those cups.

Sunday I was better.  I set up my station on the porch.  It was cool and rainy and I found that I got into a groove of what I wanted to put on each pot and they all went fairly quickly.  I made a little breakthrough on some tankards that made my day and I look forward to those pots coming out of the kiln later in the week.

This morning I'm out here finishing up 6 plates and then I'll be ready to get the bisque going.

I don't know anyone who loves every aspect of their work.  I like certain things better than others.  I don't hate any of it.  I am fortunate that I get to do what I want to do, which is be a potter, making pots and putting them out there in the world for others to enjoy.  I do find that if there is something that drives me crazy I am smart enough to stop it.  Or find a way that works better for me.  No need in torturing myself.  Challenges are good and push me in new directions.  It's recognizing where I want to go as I move forward, not being afraid to change, or backtrack a little that keeps this job interesting and fun.

Have a good week everyone.  The Thrown Together Fall Sale is this Sat. in Charlotte.  Look for more details to come.