Warming Up. What do you do?

If you haven't had a chance to read the discussion going on in the comments section of the Working post then try to check them out.

Carter had a good idea.  Here are some excerpts from his last comment.

"I would love to see a survey of the kinds of things that we potters do to set the right tone in the studio."

"I am absolutely convinced that the more we understand our own process the better we will be able to put ourselves in a position to succeed. Going in blind, or cold, or unprepared, or with unrealistic expectations is a recipe for failure."

"Dylan probably smokes a pack of cigarettes and takes a couple of shots of whiskey before walking out on the stage. What do YOU do to ‘warm up’?"

So what do you do to "warm up" or set the stage for your working session or day?  Leave your response in the comments of this post.