Tuesday. It's no Snow Day for Me.

Today feels like another day in Limbo for me.  Anytime we get any trace of  snow fall things pretty much come to a stand still in Cleveland County.  We had more than a trace Sunday night.  I think we had about 5" here which has now been topped with ice from last nights frozen rain.

I guess I still feel like I did when I was a kid and school was out because of the snow.  That meant I just got to lay around the house, read a book, drink cocoa, go out and romp around.  Basically do Nothing.  I can't really do that now as I have realized that I have quite a few pottery commitments on the near horizon.

So yesterday, after a bit of sledding with Sarah, I hit the studio and knocked out a few boards of pots. (see above image).   If I can add another 8 pots to that today then I'll have one order completed.

Sarah was off work yesterday and will be home today too.  She has been invited to a trunk show at a local gallery in Feb. so she's been at her jewelry bench working away.  It's great to have her home and in her studio.  We were both full time artists for many years and had a nice routine of working here at home together.  It's great when we can revisit that time.  Yesterday we had lunch together and then a short nap before both returning to our studios.

You'll see in that photo below that we have an antique sled.  My cousins and I 'borrowed' a couple Coca Cola signs one year when we were kids from a local store.  I was spending the weekend with them and we had a big snow.  We didn't have a sled so we found what we could.  That thing would probably be worth a little bit of money if we had not later used it as target practice with our pellet guns and ruined the paint job.

Here's a sneak preview of an unfinished Year of the Rabbit dish.  This shows the rough layout done in pencil.  I think I have 2 that are this size plus a few mugs and tankards and a few smaller plates.  These are going up on Etsy on Jan. 20th.