Saturday's work

This is where I left things for today. Some finished some half finished.  I am having a slow time working in the designs that I want.  It's just a learning curve.  I'm glad I have the pencil to use otherwise I'd seriously be ruining some pots.

Six Seven of the twelve  Year of the Rabbit pots have sold including the two most detailed dishes.  I'm so happy with that!  When I set this project for myself I wasn't sure what the pots would look like.  As I worked on the designs I found some new ideas and I was very excited to see them on the pots.  I am speaking mostly of the more detailed and complex images.  Working on these and seeing them finished pushed me to do more decorating in that way.  So it moved things forward.  Good eh? Yep.

I wonder where this is going, and I'm not trying to judge it or worry about it at all.  I think the past 2 or 3 years have taught me to go with what I enjoy and what I like.  It's been challenging at times to let some of my past ideas about what I should be doing go.  It's very freeing.

Well that's all for now.  Thanks for stopping in.