I'm A Happy Guy

I won!!  I am the winner of some fine Minnesota pottery as well as Minnesota wild rice and maple syrup!!  Marcia Tani Paul had a giveaway on her blog and my name was drawn as the winner.

I really love Marcia's blog.  Not only does she showcase her wonderful pots but she does so by putting them to use in her home and kitchen  It's great to see a table set with a group of pots, a bowl filled with soup, or a plate filled with pasta.  There is even a recipe page! Marcia also features other potters work from her collection.  It's really a fun and unique blog and I hope you'll add it to your Reader or drop in often.  You can also visit Marcia's website HERE.  I can't wait to get the bowl and goodies.  I'll be sure to post a 'pot in use' photo of it here.

Speaking of Pots in Use, I got this image from my pal Carter Gillies last week.  This is a bowl of mine being put to use in Carter's home.  I'm pretty sure there's an Owl hidden under that nice salad.

Visit Carter's Blog HERE

I unloaded the bisque this morning and I have to say it's really cool when I like the pots this much before they've even been glazed.  I was excited to see some of my new designs on the more labor intensive pots.  I'll post pics after they've come out of the glaze kiln.

On the topic of labor ...the answer to the question in the last post is 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.