Fun and Work

It's been a fun weekend but a busy one too.  Sarah and I are both working towards deadlines with our work.  She has a jewelry show coming up and I have an exhibition/sale this week.

It was 70 degrees here today and sunny!! I decorated pots on the porch all day.  I finally got the bisque loaded around 8pm.

Here are some of the pots from the last glaze firing. (the ones that were in the video) Click for larger, more complete image. (I feel like the color on these is a bit off, but you'll get the idea)

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="ID"]

I'll have more new pots out by Wednesday.

The Treasures of the Earth pottery show and sale opens Thursday at the Cleveland County Arts Council.  I am going to have some really nice pots so if you are in the area please come by, it's a great opening reception with pottery, food and cold beverages!