Back in the Groove

I had a very good day in the studio!  I am feeling the push of  shows that are coming up and the need to get work to shops and galleries before the holiday rush begins.

I'd also like to have at least 100 pots in my Etsy shop before Thanksgiving.  That is going to be a challenge but maybe I can do it.

It was good to get into a making mode today and get some bowls and cups thrown.  If I can get ahead on those things then I can move on to more time consuming pots like regular and altered jars and maybe a teapot or two.

I am feeling really motivated right now even with the anxiety of the upcoming months.  I have had income from a couple of good shows as well as checks coming in from shops.  That certainly makes me feel good, esp. when they call and say they'd like more pots.  I want to keep pushing the work, the forms and decoration, as I go into the end of the year.

This hump molded trencher is a new shape that I'm excited about even though it's very simple and quick to make.  I've made four of these over the past few days and I am looking forward to drawing in them.  I want to make a slightly bigger version too.

So all in all things are good here.  I have to admit that I haven't been doing great disconnecting from the web.  It seems like that week at the beach threw me for a loop and when we got home I just fell back into my old habits.  I've been more intentional over the past two days so maybe I can get back into a more healthy routine.

Off now for a walk w. Karma.  Thanks for checking in!!