Don't Rush

Black Friday.  Sarah and I are relaxing this morning with tea and enjoying being at home on a Friday together.  No crazy early morning shopping for us.  No shopping at all actually.

Typically I begin my Holiday Sale on the day after Thanksgiving.  We decided to start a week later this year.  It's just so much of a rush to get everything ready and still enjoy the holiday with our families when we are working at setting up for a Sale.

It's a beautiful day out and I am going to spend time out on the porch drawing on pots.  I made just over 50 pots on Monday.

 I made the mistake of trying to rush dry some of them in the kiln and cracked two of the tall footed bowls.

 I know better than to do that, but sometimes lessons have to be relearned.  Anyhow, it's okay, I probably have more pots than I can get fired before next weekend anyway.

I am looking forward to getting tucked into some drawing today.  I'll start with mugs and work up to plates and bowls.

I have been thinking about a couple blog posts that I want to write. I may do a video later today that will talk about my experiences at the last few craft shows I've done.  For now, more tea and out to work.

Have a good day everyone.