Older Ronware

Sarah and I spent the last few days at her parents visiting with the family.  While there I shot a few images of some of my older pots in the kitchen.  Sorry for the poor quality of some of these photos.

A set of 4 shino bowls with black lines and Reeve's green dots.  I really like these.
(That's a small salt glazed, sq. tray of mine holding the S&P too)

Temmoku glazed mugs over a dry shino.

Salt glazed swirlware.

Two small cups.  Wet faceted.  High silica clay, salt glazed with an iron glaze inside and part way down.

Honey pot.  Salt glazed w. not very successful ash glaze.

Small cup with trigger handle.  Stamped deco.  Crackle slip with shino glaze.

I also made biscuits for dinner for everyone last night.  Again, sorry for the poor photo.

Anyhow there are a lot more pots over there and next time I'll take a proper camera and get some better images.  I'd like to document some of my older work.  Sadly, I didn't keep many pots from my cone 10 reduction days and most of my salt glazed pots left here too.  I'm happy they are out in the world serving their purposes.