The eFFing Handles

That title is just to get you here.

I don't understand why anyone would use the efF word in their band name or any other thing really.  I mean it kind of limits where you can put your name, logo, etc.  Like, I wouldn't want to be called Ron F%%*#^ng Philbeck Pottery.  Any how here are two bands I like that have that word in their names:

Star(bleep)er and The *bleeping*Eagles

Just in case you're looking for some new tunes.

Right, on to some pots.  Handles were applied to mugs today:

Other stuff happened too, but no time for that...sorry.

I am off to an opening at Buffalo Creek Gallery in town.  Sarah has work in the jewelry show that is going on this month.  It's been so cool to have her working in her studio over the past few weeks.  Most of you know she is a full time therapist now so time in her studio is very limited.  I miss hearing her hammering and soldering and sawing during the day.  Anyhow this show is just in time for Valentine's Day so if you are in the area stop in at Buffalo Creek Gallery and get your Valentine some unique, local, handmade jewelry!