Hello Out There

Hey I am hoping that I have a few readers left out there. I don't feel like I've been posting often enough to keep things going here. Oh well, if you're out there then thanks.  I guess I could check my stats but I'll just assume someone will read this.

So what to say? Any suggestions that ya'll want me to write about? Video? Pics? Book reviews? What size socks I wear?

I thought today that I probably could go back in the archives and pick up some things I've written about and re-visit it. Maybe see if things have changed any or just rehash something for any new visitors.

One thing that's been on my mind lately has been my interaction with customers on the Internet. My Etsy shop has been doing well and it's been fun to get orders and then ship those pots off to folks.  What's weird is not having any personal/physical interaction with those customers.  I have no idea who they are, what they are like, what they look like, sound like etc.  Nothing like being at a craft fair where I get to meet folks face to face and have a bit of a chat.

I have developed a closer relationship with a few online customers.  Most of these are folks who have placed more than one order and/or read and comment on the blog.  I've had a few little email chats with these folks and we've gotten to know one another better.  I like that.  I need that connection to the people who like my pots.  And it's good for them to know me too.

What's funny is that sometimes, in the beginning, I know Nothing.  For a while I thought one person was a man, well, turns out she was a female.  Some folks keep their personal identity and information fairly obscure on the Net.  Which is a pretty good precaution.  (I sure don't have much privacy any more on the Web. No wonder I get hacked from time to time. Need to remember to keep my passwords changed)

Anyhow, last week I got an email from someone wanting a Year of the Rabbit Plate like one that was already sold on Etsy.  It was nice to get that request and I told her I'd be happy to make it. This morning I get a call from the persons mother.  She wants to pay for the plate and have it shipped to her daughter.  We had a brief conversation and it was really cool to hear this ladies accent (I think she was in NY or NJ?) and for her to tell me a bit about her daughter.  (I'm sure she liked my southern boy accent too).

So things like that are great.  Even though I don't see these folks in person just something small like a phone call or a personal email gives me some sense of the person.

Well there you go, not a bad post I reckon.  I have the kiln going so you'll have to wait till later for any new pot pics.  For now here's some cups and small plates I made today.