New Pots Out Tomorrow and...

Treasures of the Earth at the Cleveland Co. Arts Council opens Thursday!

It's been a super busy week already.  Lots of running around and general madness.  I'm hoping things calm down soon.

The Treasures show is an annual event at the A.C.  The opening reception is Thursday evening beginning at 5:30 pm. It's always a fun event with good food, lots of pots and people.

I've got a few posts in mind for the near future.  One is on the 'virtual customer'. Well the customer is not virtual, that's a real person, it's doing business with people on the web and how different that relationship seems to me as opposed to doing business face to face. More on that soon.

Um, what else? Well I can't remember right now, but it's late and I need sleep.  So check back in tomorrow for some good pics of new pots (some with Amber glaze!)

For now here's a pic from a while back...some of my first slipware bowls.