I can't really think of a good title.

I did a bit of writing in my journal over the past weekend about where I am with my pots right now and how I'm feeling about my work.  For the most part it was positive and hopeful.  I feel good about what I'm making and the choices I have made over the last couple years regarding the direction of my work.

Laying out drawings in pencil.

I have a desire for a small move in making some new forms.  I'd like to work on a bottle and/or vase form as well as a box/jar.  My thinking is that I'd like to have a few pots that fit into the 'collectible' category.  Pots that function but that have a bit more 'status' than say a bowl or plate.   I have mixed feelings about even saying that since for me the greatest pot out there is the Mug.

Some potters and pottery enthusiasts equate a pot's size with it being more important.  I think that is especially true here in North Carolina.  Not everyone feels this way of course and even some of the folks who make the big pots know the importance of the smaller wares and make very fine mugs and soup bowls.  (If their mugs are no good, I don't care a flip about their big pots!)

VW ad . 1959

Anyhow, I'm not planning on going the big pot route.  I am thinking more along the lines of a nice bottle or jar shape.  Probably not round.  Maybe 9-10" max height.  Hopefully with a nice marriage between the decoration and the form.

Right, so I better get to it. More on all this later. Thanks for reading.

Getting the pots decorated.

(Check in soon for a video!)