No Access

Hey Folks,

I am having problems accessing this blog via my computer for some reason.  I am at the public library now (on a public computer).  For some reason when I try to go to my blog the server times out.  It has been doing this since Feb. 25th.  I've been on tech support with my host and my ISP several times and both have not provided me with a solution.  Sarah cannot access the site on her computer either.  Any other website comes up.  I cannot get to my site when I am at other locations on my computer either.  Like at the coffee shop or the Dairy Queen (I just pulled in to use their wi-fi).

It's been frustrating not having anyone at my host or ISP to give me a solution.  I ran a traceroute and found the IP address where everything stops.  BlueHost claims that the IP address belongs to ATT and ATT told me no, it was nothing on their end.  If I knew more maybe I could argue the point or get better results.

If anyone out there thinks they can help me you can send me an email at ronpots2 at yahoo dot com.   No need to comment here b/c it will be a few days before I come back to the library.

You can still find me on Facebook until I get this all sorted.

On a more positive note, I had a great visit with Brandon Phillips and his wife for a couple days here at our home.  They were on their way back to Texas from the ACC show in Baltimore.  It was so cool to hang out with Brandon.  I felt like we'd known each other for years.  I'll do  a more through post w. pics when I get things back running smoothly from home.

Okay. All for now.