What's Happening in the Studio

Glad to be back blogging!  Here's a video I shot this afternoon  of some work in progress in the studio.  You'll see this slab vase at one point in the video and I want to note that after I shot this I went back and added a taller pot to the slab.  That first one was too short and I don't think it would have held the flowers up.  The initial reason for the shorter pot was b/c I was going to cut a window in the slab.  I decided not to do that now and I do think the taller pot will hold the flowers up better. (You'll see when you watch....)



Here's a link to Dylan Bowen's website. If you click on #18 and 19 you'll see the bottle shape like I was trying to make.  He's great with the slip action!! So much movement and energy.