The Mugs

Remember this post?

Well today the mugs came out of the kiln and guess what?  The lady came to get them and she cried.  That's right, she loved them.  So much so that tears came to her eyes and she hugged me.  She told me how special they were, especially the personalized one and how she knew that they weren't my design but she appreciated how much trouble I went to to make them for her.  She said otherwise she'd have had to track down the other potter and order a mug and have it shipped etc.  She said she knew her husband had other pots of mine but that these mugs (made bigger, with bigger handles) suited him and he would use them constantly.


So am I a jerk for complaining about this?  Naw.  But, it does make me think that there is more to being a potter than just having a style and making pots that represent me.  These mugs were made for the person who will use them.  They will bring joy to his day.  They are good mugs.

I stood there all smiles as she went on about how happy she was and it really made me feel good inside.  (I also felt like crap for complaining to begin with and I also wondered if somehow she had read the post here on the blog)(I don't think so).

Well maybe I learned something today about kindness, and giving, and generosity, and making things that make others happy.