How did this Happen? And I Learned Something New.

Why in the world did I decide to make this giant dish of baked pasta on a hot, steaming, Sunday evening?

Well, I'm going to blame it on Hannah.  We were chatting this afternoon about her bike ride, (well done Hannah), when she mentioned that after the ride she had cheese and onion pie, with chips.  Cheese and onion pie sounded yummy and my brain must have started firing off those neurons or whatever they are that are triggered by things and very soon I realized how hungry I was and that I wanted something savory and baked.  From cheese and onion pie I went to the idea of making a steak and Guinness pie.  Or maybe a shepherds pie.  Well, no meat in the freezer for either of those, but I did find some Italian sausages!  Oh, how about a baked spaghetti with sausages?, oh, how about baked ziti with sausage?  Yes, okay I have almost everything in the house to make that with.  So in less than 90 minutes we have this big ole dish of pasta out of the oven.  Looks like there will plenty left over for lunches this coming week.  It was yummy.

Hannah also mentioned to me that she had a 99 cone after her ride. (I think I'd like going riding w. Hannah, the rewards for it seem really nice).  I didn't know what a 99 cone was so of course I headed to Google to find out.  Basically it's a soft serve ice cream cone with a bit of a chocolate stick stuck in it.

Another search let me to this article in The Guardian.  Seems that it is also known as a 99 Flake.  Why hasn't this been done in America?  I'd love to have a chocolate stick stuck in my soft serve.  I'm surprised DQ hasn't done this at some point.

Well, so that's that.  I don't have any ice cream in the freezer and I don't suppose I can talk Sarah in heading to town right now either.  I think I'll enjoy the last of the watermelon that's in the fridge.  Wonder if I can find some sort of candy to stick in my slice?