Mostly Pots


Okay, so someone told me recently that they liked my blog because I pretty much kept it about pots and not a lot of other riff-raff and such.  Well, I was in a sharing mood today and wrote a rather long post filled with stuff about my feelings and problems and how I was procrastinating all the time and blah, blah, blah.   Then I thought about it for a bit and edited all that stuff out.

I want to keep it real here and write about what's going on with me but sometimes when I go back and look over it I feel like it's too much.  So for now I'm  keeping it about pots and light stuff, nothing heavy.  Maybe I'll change my mind later and write some of the other stuff.

Here are some of the footed cups.

That's not all of them but it's a good representation.  I have to say, and I've said it here before at some point,...stiff, hard clay kills pots.  This clay was too stiff for my liking when I made these but I pulled most of them off okay.  But when it comes to cutting feet nothing is worse than the pot/clay being too hard.  These feet were a struggle and some aren't super/great but not terrible either.  There was no give and take between the tool and the clay.  Cut them as soft as you can is my advice.

Okay what else?  This isn't about pottery, but I got some cool new ink.

Ha! Right, not real.  But fun.  I've always liked temporary tattoos and I hadn't had any in a while so I ordered a few the other day.  I have no idea what I'd get if I wanted a real tattoo so it's better for me to just 'play'.  What are "Mother" tattoos about anyhow?  I guess I should have asked that before I put this on?  I think it shows love for the mother.  ? And I guess I'm a sailor now too maybe? No? I don't know.   I've been out to a couple places with it on and no one has commented on it.  Probably too polite.

Here are some stills of this jar from the video.

Okay, well thanks for reading.  I've got a buys week ahead getting ready for the salt firing.  I hope to get in some good posts this week too about creativity, drawing, and staying motivated.