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Hi. Happy Wednesday. I am trying to get to the studio but thought I'd share a few images that I've taken lately.

We have a swallow nest on the side of the pottery shop and the chicks are constantly being fed throughout the day. This little one is quite noisy and eager.

I worked on a few small paper cuts on Sunday. Here they are.  The green one was a present for Sarah's sister who celebrated her birthday on the 4th.


Local eggs in a dish made by someone who is not so local.


Current reading materials on the coffee table.

I shipped out a couple pots this week to new homes.  One in Hawaii (a first) and one to San Francisco.  I've gotten a few customers in the Bay area over the past two years.  Maybe I should go out there and do a show!  Or better yet a workshop!  That would be fun.

Well, I'd better go check on the progress of things in the studio.  I have a feeling that all is as I left it last night.

More to come later. Probably a video.