Friday Afternoon Post

I drove up to Highwater Clays in Asheville yesterday and picked up 1000 lbs of clay.  I am so happy to have plenty of clay in the studio.

Speaking of 'happy'.  Do you know anyone who always seems to be happy?  No matter when you see them?  Is that for real?  I know someone who no matter when I see them will always be smiling and saying how things are great and blah, blah, blah...I just came from yoga and I feel sooooo connected to myself and the world.  Or, Oh things are so good, I have been out in the garden weeding all morning...

Maybe I'm just too hum drum or gloomy.  I mean if that's really how that person is then good for them.  But if it's a put on then what the hell is that about?  I wonder if I acted more happy if I could be more happy.

Hey here's a pot:

(Gotta make sure I don't lose focus of what this blog is supposedly about).

Sarah and I went into the city for acupuncture today.  I felt so good and relaxed laying there on the table with needles in me!  I could have stayed there all afternoon.

As I was laying there, before dozing off, I thought it would be cool to do an online survey about mugs.  Preferences and such.  I'm going to try and put one together by Monday so stay tuned.

Speaking of mugs HERE is a nice blog post that I read this morning.

Another pottery image just to keep you scrolling:

Yesterday while in Asheville I ate at 12 Bones.  Oh brother, it was delicious.  I had a half rack of ribs with blueberry chipotle sauce, a side of corn pudding (yum), a side of mac and cheese, and sweet iced tea.  Heaven.  You have got to go if you are in Asheville. (assuming you eat pork).

The President has even been there you know.

Okay, that's all. Happy Weekend everyone.  Look for some newly made pots to come this way v. soon.  For now one more image.

Temmoku glazed yunomi fired in my salt kiln.  This one is now in my Online Shop.