Potter Plumber

Our kitchen faucet pretty much blew apart last night as we were getting ready to do the dinner dishes.  It was about 11 years old and had seen it's better days I think.

I took it off the sink and today we went to the hardware store to get another one.  We also decided to replace the sink because it had gotten chipped a few years ago and one edge of it was a rusty mess.  So after dropping close to $400 we now have a new fancy Delta faucet and cast iron Kohler sink.

It's very heavy and I'm waiting for my bro-in-law to come help me set it into place.  We don't have a dishwasher and do dishes 2-3 times a day.  I like a nice deep sink, this one is 9 inches, and big enough for pots and pans and of course lots of pottery.

Sarah and I had a good supper last night.  I made spagetti and meat balls, I'd never made meatballs before.  I bought some Italian sausage from a local farmer at the market yesterday and cut it with some ground beef added herbs, onion, garlic and bread crumbs.  They were super yummy with the homemade marinara that Sarah's mom canned from her tomatoes.

Looking forward to the new week ahead.  I am hoping to have a Home Sale in September and I also have the Thrown Together Sale coming up on September 24th.  Sarah and I are also going to the beach, a much needed vacation for the both of us.  So I'd better make the most of my time that's left here in August and get some pots made.