no potin' 'round here

(I wrote this post on Thursday but only got around to posting it this morning)

No pottery being made this week.  Well I did make 4 cups some time back and they are out there under plastic but I bet they are too dry for handles now.

Between getting ready for last weeks workshop and a big party we are hosting this weekend I have been fairly busy.  I'd like to make some pots.  I have them in my head but it will probably be the 8th before I get any clay on the wheel.

I've been to 2 grocery stores, 2 hardware stores and over to help my father in law install a storm door today.  I think I'm on my 5th cup of tea. Ha! It's hot as hell outside but honestly I haven't been complaining too much.  I like NC weather and we do have A/C indoors so its not too brutal.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying to stay up to date on reading other's blogs so I'll try and leave you a comment if I drop by.