Thrown Together Sale

Crikey, it's Wednesday already!  I've been meaning to blog for a couple days now to give you all an update on the Thrown Together Sale.  It went great.  Despite several rain showers, including a pretty heavy one, folks came out to see us and to buy pots.

Here are some pics, you can click for a bigger, more complete image.

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It was a great day for me as far as sales go.    I'm very thankful for that (and I'm pretty sure Sarah is too).  So now I'm back in the studio working on making pots for the Claymatters Fall Sale which is Oct. 8th.  It's going to be a short making period, mainly open dishes of various sizes.

I'll be blogging about some changes that I'm trying out in my deco. over the next few days.  I've got to get some materials mixed up and then I'll show you what I'm trying.  I am excited about it.

All for now.  Thanks for checking in!!