Rain and Tea Morning

It's pouring rain out this morning so I'm enjoying a little time at my desk before heading out to the studio.  I love hearing the rain on our tin roof.

Sarah and I were running out of tea so we placed an order last week and I was happy to see it arrive on Monday.

I am having a cup of Gen-mai Cha this morning.  I love this tea.  It's a green tea with toasted brown rice.  It is smooth and has a nutty taste and aroma.  I love it in the mornings.  It's like my cereal tea.

A shot from the sketch book where I'm thinking about different borders of clouds, grass, hedges.

Thanks for all the comments on the 'It's Not New and I Can't Draw' post.

I just added my final thoughts for now in the comments there so click over and read what everyone has said if you are so inclined.

Okay, time to put on my galoshes and head outdoors.