Running out of daylight

Well actually that's long past.  It'll be midnight before long and I wanted to get a post in before the day ended so here goes.

This image is from yesterday when I actually got some decorating done out in the wonderful sunshine.

This morning I went out to the studio turned on the radio and never made it back in there until 9pm to turn it back off.  I did have a good day.  It was busy getting materials ready to send out for an exhibition that I am in and then at noon I had a massage appointment.  Oh, it was wonderful!

Then on to the library then the grocery (that's 2 stops for grocery) and then home.  By then it was 3 pm and I needed to try and take a photo of myself for this exhibition stuff.  I blew an hour doing that and then I had to get ready to go to yoga.  Yes, yoga.  I've been going for the last 3 weeks.  I'm trying to go twice a week.  Sarah, my super-woman wife, teaches on Tues. nights and I love her style so I like to go to her class.  I also go to a very good class on Friday mornings.

Yoga was great tonight, Sarah worked us pretty hard.  Of course I'm a bit of a light weight and it's all a challenge for me.

Back home just after 7pm and I whipped us up dinner, chicken korma with rice.  Y U M.

After dinner and a little tv I quickly filed my forth quarter retail sales taxes on line.  Good to get that out of the way at the very last minute.

Now I'm planning on reading a bit of Hemingway before bed.  Tomorrow is all mine and I am so looking forward to having my time in the studio!!  

Thanks for reading!  See ya tomorrow. ~Ron