Middle Week

Man, it's a nice day here in Shelby today.  Sunny and cool.  Just finished lunch.  I have lots of pots waiting in the studio, or I'm actually waiting on some of them.  Waiting for them to reach just the right state of dryness so I can cut the feet or slip them.  This morning I've made a few trays and assembled some things.  

Trays with coil props.

Hum...what is this? 

Three casual cups drying upside down.

This will be a chicken on a stick.  I have a place in mind for this.

I've got a good inventory of pots at the moment, but I need to keep working on specfic things.  I have a list, somewhere.  (Note: Find list).  Anyhow, I am getting a bit side tracked with just making things for fun.  I guess that's okay, yes! it's okay.  Good to keep things moving and the creative juices flowing.

Okay, I'm off for now.  

 ca(I can't seem to get that "ca" to delete.  It doesn't mean anything.)