Lots of drawing going on.

I've had two really good studio days.  The shelves were completely full of pots ready to decorate so I had to stop making and throw myself into the process of drawing on pots.

These plates got incised yesterday.  They were the last pots to be finished for the bisque.

Today I finished up the carving and details.

I lost track of time but I think these took a good 4+ hours to finish.  

I'm feeling a bit antsy lately and wanting to do something new, or at least experiment a bit.  I do have some work in the kiln that got mainly some energetic line work and that I plan to add a bit of color to in the glaze firing.  I have to run some tests first so stay tuned for that.  I feel sort of tied into what I'm currently doing and I think that's not so good for me.  I want to break out a bit.  It's hard mentally to think about what to do or even to just give myself permission to experiment.  Ugk.

My last craft show was sort of disappointing.  Well it was disappointing money-wise but it was very nice in that I got a visit from a well known potter in the area and he and his partner gave me big compliments on my pots.  That was super!

I just remembered I have 2 cups that I need to decorate for this bisque.  Better go finish them up.  Special orders.  Okay, thanks for checking in.