Ready to Glaze. And some Sketches

I have a table full of bisque ware waiting for me this morning.

This will take me a good part of the day to glaze plus I have a couple of tests to mix and apply to tiles.  Some of these pots will go back on the shelf and wait for the next firing.  I am testing some lighter amber glazes as well as color accents of oxides under those ambers.

I have had an up and down last couple of weeks.  I've been excited to try out some new ideas but at the same time I've stressed about the idea of doing any thing different than I am currently doing.  It's something I've struggled with my entire career with clay so you'd think I'd be used to it by now.  Actually I am a bit better at recognizing it and not letting it get me way down.

Yesterday I had a lift as I was unpacking my work from last weeks craft show.  I had my hands on my pots and I got a good look at them and felt happy with them.  It's a good place to be but it's easy for me to lose sight of it.  I am always thinking about what I can do differently to make the work more energetic, casual, approachable.  Really, what can I do to make the work more 'me'.  

I hate being in a static place.  Plus, I have recently been caught up in looking at those pots of Jean Nicolas Gerard.  They give me the same feeling as Ron Meyer's work.  I really want my pots to have that same spirit.  It's a fine line with me though because I can only take so much of that loose-ness in my pots.  So balance is what I'm after.

I think it's good to not to be satisified as an artist.  If I get too satisfied with things then I know I'm going down the wrong path.

A few of the pots that came out today have a combination of my drawing along with some energetic lines placed around the pot.  I like how they look right now and am anxious to see what happens after they are glazed.  Especially if I decide to put a bit of color on them.  

Okay that's all for now.  Here are a few shots from the sketchbook.