Video. Drawing on Leather hard Pots

Yesterday I shot this video showing a couple pots that I drew on while they were leatherhard.  I have been mainly working on the decoration at the bone dry state so that I can build up a large number of pots and get into decorating for a couple of days.  That way I don't have to keep the pots under plastic and I get into a groove of working.  For many years I slipped, glazed, and decorated my salt glazed pots at the leather hard state.  I felt like I became a slave to the pots so I eventually stopped.  I was also not bisquing during those years, firing raw.  (which I really enjoyed).  Any how, I am re-thinking about when I should be doing the drawing and carving on my work.  Carving bone dry pots is hard on my body and the dust is also an issue.  I'm going to write more about that later as I've had some new thoughts on it.  For now here's the video: