Nicemint and Two Boxes in Progress

I've heard Jim talk about his plantar fasciitis over the years.  He's had a terrible time with it.  From time to time he's made some very entertaining posts about it too.

Well, today I made my first ever trip to the podiatrist. I hurt my foot skateboarding back in October and it's not gotten any better.  I thought it was just a bruised heel at first but after about 4 weeks and no improvement I felt like it was something else. Yes, it's taken me this long to talk myself into going to the doctor!  I know, already.

So I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  I got an X-ray, a cortisone shot, he prescribed some anti-inflamatory pills, hooked me up with some inserts for my shoes and gave me a nicemint to wear at night.  The joys of aging.  Hopefully, this all will really help me.  I've told Sarah over and over that I don't want to be a 'hobbler' in my old age.  

I'm off to a little better start this week in the studio.  Today I got a really great wholesale order and I will get started on it tomorrow.  I'm still working on ideas for boxes.  This video shows the assembled box from the last video, plus a new slab built that I made today.  It's a pretty cool shape, like a house.  I promise I didn't rip Tracey off on this.  (I ripped off someone else!!)