Photos from Yesterday and Follow Up Videos

Carrying warm water to the studio.  Jugs by Doug Fitch (left) and Me.  Both glazed in my amber glaze.

Yesterday's lunch.  Homemade minestrone soup in a Robert Briscoe bowl.  Nice and warm on a cool day.

Making pizza dough to freeze for later use.


I am not going to create new videos to show the turning of the feet for the pots I made in yesterdays videos.  Instead I'll put up these videos from the past that show turning on a bowl and a plate.  It's the same technique I'd be doing if I made new videos.  Also I had someone ask what the underside of the plate looked like after throwing.  You can see that in the Cutting a Foot on the Plate video right at the beginning before I start cutting.

I want to say that I think the feet of pots are very important.  Just like the rest of the pot.  Many folks view them as an after thought or trim clay away just to remove weight from the pot.  Think of the foot as another opportunity to make an expression.  I think the foot should have some harmony with the rest of the pot but that's not a hard and fast rule.  Just like handles, there are many variations of ways to make a foot.  Look at historical pots as well as contemporary pots to find what you like and see if you can incorporate it in your work.

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