Another great day and tomorrow is looking fine

Hey folks.  I hope you all are well. It was another beautiful day here today and after I got back from yoga this morning I set up out on the porch again to finish up the last few pots for the bisque.

Tomorrow I am riding down with my pal Michael Kline to go to the Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC.  We'll be attending the Potter's Palette exhibition that evening.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with Michael discussing our upcoming workshops in Maryland and Mass.  Also looking forward to seeing many of my pals in Seagrove!

I can't tell you how excited I was to watch that video on Ron Meyers and Michael Simon last night.  (see previous post).  Ron and Michael were two of my earliest heros in the pottery world and continue to be.  I saw them work together two times.  They were just full of information, ideas, stories, and really lived the life that I wanted to live (and am living now).   Sadly, Michael isn't making pots anymore due to health issues.  Ron continues on and I have lots of his pots here to feed me when I see them and use them.  I know there are other potters out there who share my love for these two men and their work.  I hope that video gets plenty of hits.

Well, it's Friday, so it's pizza night.  I'm off to the kitchen to make a pie.  Check back in later in the weekend.  I'll be unloading that bisque and getting my glaze groove on Sunday.

Cheers my friends.  ~Ron