Getting ready to go North

It's a beautiful day here.  Clear skies and warm temps. The trees are budding out and  yesterday I  mowed my lawn for the first time this year.

On Tuesday morning Michael Kline and I will be loading up and heading out from the Philbeck Pottery, destination LibertyTown Pottery in Fredericksburg, Va.  I've been doing laundry today as well as organizing images for my presentation later in the week for the Cape Cod Workshop.

It's been fun going back and looking at old images.  I have to say this shot of my old salt glaze pots made me want to fire that kiln up.

I'm not entirely sure what our route will be.  North on 95 for the most part I guess.  If anyone wants to rendezvous  with us along the way just send us an e mail or tweet or FB message.  It would be cool to say hello with some blog followers as we go.

Here's another image I dug up.  Early pots from when I had just made the switch over to earthenware in 2008.  These were fired in my small propane kiln.  

I also like this rat casserole that was made during that same period.  I think my friend Becky Story has this pot.

(all these images are clickable by the way).

God I'm glad it's almost spring.  We set our clocks forward last night and I love the longer days to come. This morning Sarah and I talked about what we'd like to plant in our garden this year.  We also talked about some future plans for our respective businesses and goals we'd each like to set and work towards.  It feels good to think about new things and to have something to reach for.

Today is my birthday.  I turned 42 years old this morning at 9:30 am.  I still feel young.  Almost the same as I did in my late 20's.  I know I sometimes act like I'm in my teens but that's okay I guess.  It keeps me and Sarah laughing.

Well it's time to go and see if that last glaze kiln is cool enough to unload.  I've serveral pots in there that I'm excited about.  I'll try and shoot a little film of them when they come out.

Stay tuned for that and for posts from the road as Kline and I get going early this coming week.

Thanks for checking in.