Inspiration for Tuesday

I should have known better than to throw more pots today.  I had 24 in waiting from yesterday and things are drying out pretty quickly.  But I got inspired (obsessed) last night when I found the work of Johannes Peters on the internet.  Here's a small pitcher, there are plenty of images on his website. (Link above)

I wasn't surprised to find that he had studied with Jean-Nicolas Gerard as their work has similar elements and approaches.  Johanne's work is stoneware, Jean-Nicolas' earthenware.  Both have very direct methods and their pots have a nice soft quality to them.  They are a bit quirky, odd handles, abstract markings, most look like they are lifted right off the wheel head when finished.  I also like the thick/thin application of slip that both use and the warm honey and amber glazes.  Cobalt comes in to play in both men's decoration too.  It's nice.  It really speaks to me and I think I'll do a post on that later.

Anyway, today I decided to make some pots inspired by the two.  I worked on the kickwheel to be sure that I wouldn't over work the pots and I picked them all off the wheel head...even the plates.  I didn't get any pics of them but I will show them tomorrow.   I did decide to put some playful handles and knobs on these two pots I made yesterday.

A little odd, but why not do this as opposed to the regular 'dime a dozen' handles and knobs that everyone does?

I'll leave you with a very short clip that I shot from the studio window this afternoon.

Thanks for watching.