Snap. Lost an Ear.

I had  jars under plastic that I needed to finish today.  They all needed animals/birds so I got those modeled and put on first thing. 

 I rushed the slipping by a few hours and due to the wet clay and thick slip things got ugly.

So I scalped him, wiped all the slip off his head and did some ear replacement.  He'll get a new slip job from the neck up tomorrow.

I went to my first Clay Club meeting last night.  The meeting was held at WPCC in Morganton.  We had a good turnout and it was fun to hang out with a bunch of my fellow clay people.  (you know what I mean)

I had been asked to give a talk on the whole Online/Etsy/Facebook/etc/etc thing and how I use it all in my business.  It went really well and there were lots of contributions made by the group. I think everyone had a good night.  

I mixed up new test glazes today for the next firing.  I'm wanting to start using the amber glaze more often but I'd like to have a couple variations of it, one light and one dark.  I'm also testing a new clear glaze based on Ferro Frit 3195.  That frit is pretty much a cone 04 glaze all on its own.  I'll let you know how these turn out.