Monday. Five and some other stuff.

I swear some days it feels like I've been going, and doing non-stop and I look back and see 5 pots, not even complete yet and I'm like 'what the hell did I do all day!!'?.

I end most days feeling like I could have done more.  MORE.  more.  MOre.  MoRE.  Aggggh, crazy, insane work ethic instilled in me by my parents.

I can't measure my day's work in pots.  I just can't.  Today I spent time getting my mailing list organized.  I went to  Wal-hell, bought labels, ink, boxes, groceries, etc.  Went to the P.O. for stamps. Came home, printed labels and applied them and 500 stamps to postcards for my home sale.  I then proceeded to mix up a concoction to try and kill the hundreds of carpenter bees that are boring tunnels in my house, kiln shed and studio. I think I succeeded in finding something that works.  Now to spend a couple hours tomorrow on a ladder going around and injecting it into their holes.

What else? Well you get the idea.  It was 2 pm by the time I got into the studio, (oh yea, I ate lunch in there somewhere) and I spent the next 4 hours assembling 2 teapots and 3 boxes.  Five pots!  

I got these boxes roughed out and they will get cleaned up and become bottles tomorrow.  It amazes me how much time it takes to make a simple slab built pot.  Making pots on the potter's wheel is by far the most efficient way of working.

A couple things happened last week to push me to make a couple teapots.

I was inspired by Nancy Gallagher's posts about the pots she is working on and her participating in Walter Keeler's workshop last month.  I also saw this video about Anne Mette Hnortshoj from Denmark.

Anne Mette Hjortshøj - Paying Honest Attention from on Vimeo.


 I like her salt glazed pots and the teapots she makes reminded me of some I had made years ago.  So I put the Keeler influence with that and began on these:

The lids are thrown and drying and the handles have yet to be figured out.  I'll post more on these tomorrow after I get them finished. (It will be a miracle if they make it to the bisque w/out me knocking those tubes/spouts off).

Right, so there are my five pots for today, not complete but started and hopefully tomorrow I'll get to throw some and get 12 pots made.  I have an idea for some small (assembled and time consuming) little bottles.  We'll see if I get to those.

I'll leave you with a bit of humor.  This has gone around a few time over the past couple years.  Sarah saw it the other day and just keeps laughing at it.  I think it's pretty funny too.  I was raised Protestant and that bit goes along with what I say above about the work ethic.

I'm really digging the Hare Krishna approach to this  and may have to give that a go!