I was working on these Animal Jars today.  The Turtle gets a bit of a different slip treatment than the others since I like to leave his head and feet bare clay.  

My brain was shuffling through the process of whether or not to stick the figure to the lid before or after slipping when I said out loud to myself,  "You know Ron sometimes you've gotta plan ahead, otherwised your screwed."   And I knew what to do.


I promise I have some nice images from the Thrown Together Sale to put on here.  They are on my iPad and I have to move them.  So that may happen soon, or later. 

It was a very good weekend.  Saturday was quite slow and I was worried that it was gonna be a bust but Sunday came and we had loads of folks show up!! Yay!  Thanks if you were someone who came out either day.  I sold two of my best pots on Sunday, a large jar and a large platter.  That sure felt good. 

It was our first time having both a Saturday and Sunday Sale.  We usually just do Saturday from 10 till 4.  I like to do it in one day and get if over with. But this time Sunday saved us all.  Does anyone out there have any opinion about 2 day shows?  I'm more interested in your thoughts as a customer.  If it's only one day do you make a point to go out? or is a second day a good thing b/c then you have more of a choice?  maybe the weather is good one day and not the next so you go on the good weather day.  ?

Gotta get out and do some drawing.  Thanks for reading!