I've been run out of the studio from the heat of the kiln.  I photographed about 20 pots this morning so I guess I'll work on editing them to list in the online shop.

This Alphabet Mug just went up.  It's a first.  Sort of reminds me of the Schoolhouse Rock series from my childhood.

I have decided to put all my current inventory on Etsy.  I had been keeping my showroom pots and craft fair pots separate from the Etsy inventory.  I was worried about keeping up with it all but I have realized that most everything needs to go into the Shop.  That way it's available for folks to see and buy.  If I go to a show I can take my iPad and if I sell a pot there then I can easily take it off of Etsy.  

I shot about 20 pots this morning and will put them online over the rest of the week. I've got about that many more to photograph.  So I should have almost 200 pots in the shop very soon.  Plus there will be a glaze load coming out in the next week too!  Wow!  Pots galore.  Which is wonderful because I have shows coming up.