Friday Catching Up

I totally jumped into the decoration today.  Loads to do before the Thrown Together Sale on Oct 6th and 7th.  I had an order for a squirrel mug so I made sure to get a few of those done today.  Here's one...

I have really loaded up my Etsy shop.  There is over 180 pots in there right now!  I've had some sales this week which I am very thankful for!  Check it out if you want by clicking HERE>

Below:  Sold pots going off to new homes in custom boxes.

Yesterday I got to go to Western Carolina University and see Linda Christianson.  She has been there as a visiting artist for the week.  Linda is truly an amazing woman and one of the niceset people you'll ever meet.  It was so good to see her cut feet on bowls and finish some of the pots she has been making.

I've taken a class w. Linda before and visited her home in Minnesota a few times.  I never tire of watching her make her work.  She moves the wheel very, very slowy and considers each line, each movement.  


Okay well that's a bit of a catch up for me.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be very productive and I'll get a kiln load out by next Thursday.  Maybe a blog post before then (fingers crossed)