Stained jarI totally forgot to post any of the new pots from the last firing.  Now they are boxed up ready to go to the Treasures show.  I'll take some pics after I set up today.

Yesterday I glazed the last load of pots and reloaded the kiln.  I inlayed some of the drawings with a black stain.  You can see what it looks like there as I sponge it off.  I've got a few tests in this kiln that I'm looking forward to showing.  I guess I'll unload tomorrow.  I fired a half cone cooler this time.  I've been experiencing some blistering of my glaze.  I also did a 10 min soak at the end.  I'm worried that the pots at the bottom of the kiln may be slightly underfired.  We'll see I guess.

In non pottery related news:
I'm quite behind on the music scene these days.  Yesterday I was turned on to Lily Allen.   I'm liking her quite a lot.  I emailed Gary and he confirmed that she is indeed noteworthy. (if Gary says it's cool it's COOL)

I'm reading Coraline (Be sure to watch the trailer) .  It's been made into a movie ya know.  Can't wait for that.  I love the button eyes....scary.  Oh right, Neil Gaiman wrote the book.