Amy Sanders

Poll Results. And Wide Feet

Hey there folks.  Guess what? Most of you reading this are potters! (Just in case you didn't know).  Thanks everyone for taking the poll over the last week.  I had 144 participants.  134 potters.  10  potter lovers/collectors but not makers.  I also had a couple folks notify me that they didn't fit nicely into either category.  So I feel like most of what I am posting here is of some relevance to those who are reading the blog. Which is good.  So thanks for sticking with me and I do appreciate it when you leave comments.

I've not made any yunomi in a while.  Honestly I stopped b/c I wasn't selling that many.  I decided to make 4 yesterday just so I could cut this wide foot on them.  The finished pot there is one of Ron Meyers' from the mid-80's.  It's a small cup, and I use it a lot.  I really love the wide foot on it and wanted to try my hand at a few.

Below is an image of mugs as I was decorating today.  You can see I often pencil in the image.  Really useful in helping me not mess up so many pots.

I met my pals Amy Sanders and Jennifer Mecca for breakfast this morning at Zada Jane's. We had a nice chat.  I had my usual, Bunny Rancheros, eggs over light with chirizo!  I took the camera but forgot the memory card so no pics.  Sorry.

Truck went into the shop today for some body work. So I'm stuck here for the rest of the week.  Good plan to get work done.  Also I have a ton of clay arriving Friday!! Sweet.

I Need Chocolate

Yesterday Amy and Guthrie came by for a visit. It's been awhile since Guthrie has been here. He's getting big. He was all decked out to go turkey hunting yesterday but Amy and I got too busy talking pots so that will have to wait until next time. I am going to be helping Amy work on a public art commission in the fall. We went over some details on that, had lunch and then Amy gave me some feedback on the pots I've been making. It was good to have some company. As you can see Guthrie only has eyes for one person at this point in his life.

Last night I dreamed I was taking the blocks of clay out of the racks but instead of clay they were big chocolate brownies. I must not be getting my daily chocolate fix. I'll have to work on that.

I'm off to glaze a load of pots and then hopefully make some plates and bowls. Check in later to see how that goes.