Opening at Maddi's Gallery

Last night I had my opening at Maddi's Gallery in Charlotte, N.C.  I had a very nice selection of work and the display looked great. (Thanks Celia for setting it up for me!)

It was great to meet some new folks and also see my friends who stopped by.

Maddi's debuted two pieces that I made especially for the gallery.  These were a bottle/vase and a tile with a crown and the word Charlotte on them.  For those of you who may not know, Charlotte is know as the 'Queen City'.  These two pieces make nice keepsakes for visitors and for residents.

My showroom is looking pretty bare and I have several more shows coming up.  Looks like I'll be busy making pots next week.

Poll Results. And Wide Feet

Hey there folks.  Guess what? Most of you reading this are potters! (Just in case you didn't know).  Thanks everyone for taking the poll over the last week.  I had 144 participants.  134 potters.  10  potter lovers/collectors but not makers.  I also had a couple folks notify me that they didn't fit nicely into either category.  So I feel like most of what I am posting here is of some relevance to those who are reading the blog. Which is good.  So thanks for sticking with me and I do appreciate it when you leave comments.

I've not made any yunomi in a while.  Honestly I stopped b/c I wasn't selling that many.  I decided to make 4 yesterday just so I could cut this wide foot on them.  The finished pot there is one of Ron Meyers' from the mid-80's.  It's a small cup, and I use it a lot.  I really love the wide foot on it and wanted to try my hand at a few.

Below is an image of mugs as I was decorating today.  You can see I often pencil in the image.  Really useful in helping me not mess up so many pots.

I met my pals Amy Sanders and Jennifer Mecca for breakfast this morning at Zada Jane's. We had a nice chat.  I had my usual, Bunny Rancheros, eggs over light with chirizo!  I took the camera but forgot the memory card so no pics.  Sorry.

Truck went into the shop today for some body work. So I'm stuck here for the rest of the week.  Good plan to get work done.  Also I have a ton of clay arriving Friday!! Sweet.

Pizza Weekend!!


Sarah and I ate lunch at Pietown in Charlotte Friday.  It was great.  I've been wanting to make a pizza topped with egg for a long time but I've been afraid to do so until I tried one.  No better place to do so than at Pietown.  It was yummy.  I didn't really like the type of bacon they use there but other than that it was really good.  I also had the ginger iced tea to drink, man, it was strong and very refreshing.

Saturday night we had friends over for a pizza party.  I made 5 or 6 pies, all different.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and bragged on my food.  It was fun to just knock out the pies and serve them as everyone sat around the table eating and chatting.  I didn't take any pics but here's the dish drain after all the washing up.


Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 10th, I'll be at the ClayMatters Pottery Guild Fall Sale.

For more info. click HERE and for directions click HERE.

I've got new pots coming out of the kiln tonight including a couple teapots, the new animal candle stick holders, serving bowls and a few little trinkets.  All of this will be with me tomorrow plus much, much more.  I'm expecting those teapots to be especially good.  I hope you'll come out and see me tomorrow.

I'll also be dropping some new work off at Lark in Key in Charlotte on Saturday.  If you get Ceramics Monthly you can see a great ad for the Lark and Key Gallery in this months issue. (Look for one of my washline plates in the ad).  If you're in the North Davidson district of Charlotte please stop in and see them.

Still no internet at home so I probably won't get a new post up until late Saturday or Sunday.  We'll see.

Price's Chicken Coop

IMG_1524I've been hearing about Price's Chicken Coop for years.  It's a Charlotte  landmark, in business since 1962.  I've driven by a couple times when in the city to see what it's like.  Today I finally stopped.  I have to say I've never stopped before because I was a bit intimidated by the crowds and I've heard you have to know what you're doing when you go in there.  Ha.  I know that's kind of silly but still...

So today I'm in Charlotte picking up some clay and it's around 2pm and I decide that I'm going to Price's.  It's after the lunch rush so the place is pretty quiet and I follow a businessman in through the front doors.  There's a couple of small lines, just enough time for me to scan the menu board, step up and order.  Easy.

I ordered a 1/4 chicken sandwich. White.  And a side of potato salad.  The lady was real nice (she knew it was my first time I bet).

This is what I got...

IMG_1525Now, I had talked to folks and I knew what to expect.  As a matter of fact it's why I ordered the sandwich.  I knew that it was gonna be a bun with two pieces of bone-in chicken in the middle.  Cool huh!!

Since I had ordered the white meat I got a breast and a wing.

IMG_1526Price's is take out only. So I sat out in my truck on the side of the street and slowly picked the meat off the bones of  this juicy, delicious fried chicken. On the other side of the street, parked in the opposite direction as me, the business man was doing the same. (Except he was driving a big SUV and wearing a tie).

I ate the potato salad and bun as side items.  The chicken was amazing.  I'm going back to Charlotte on Saturday and there's a good chance you may find me on the side of the street there again.