Repairman Ron

I made the mistake of starting the day off with attempting to repair our clothes dryer.  Its a stackable unit and I the element is burned out.  It's taken me most of the morning to go get the element and to start tearing the thing apart.  I need to be out glazing.  Hum, I think I'm gonna take a break from playing repairman and get that done.  Actually, I'm a bit stuck anyhow and I think I'm gonna have to pull the whole unit out into the kitchen to continue. (It's in a pretty tight space).

Yesterday I went to the ClayMatters Pottery Guild meeting.  Barbara Chadwick-Bland gave us a great handbuilding demo.  We have a couple of Barbara's pots in our home.  She made one of her houses yesterday. Barbara is very casual in her approach.  I would have been measuring and mitering and all that junk, Barbara had the roof on before I knew it!



This is a good Guild and I need to try and make more meetings.  As matter of fact, we voted yesterday that members must attend at least two meetings to be eligible to participate in the Guild pottery Sale.  I think this is a pretty good idea, because the Guild is more than just a pottery sale, it's about sharing and community.

Okay I gotta go glaze. More later.